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Interior Design Trends of 2022

Over the last two years we have all spent a lot more time than we would like in our homes and as a result, the need for us to have a practical and relaxing space has never been greater. Our awareness of interior design has increased and we are looking to create a home that we truly enjoy spending time in, maybe not all of our time though…

Throughout 2020 and 2021 trends like Neutrals, Scandi*, and Minimalism really took centre stage. Creating a relaxing and zen atmosphere was a priority for many of us across the UK to escape the chaos occurring outside of our homes. The good news is for those of you who embraced the trends of 2020 and 2021, some are sticking around so no need to get those paint brushes out just yet however, there are some newer trends coming into play and they might just surprise you. 2022 is a new start, restrictions have been lifted and positivity, fun and hope is filling our lives once again and that is depicted in some of the key trends of this year.  


It’s colourful, bold, energetic, and maximalist. You guessed it, the polar opposite of 2021’s minimalism. Think about your personality, your favourite colours, patterns and photos and incorporate those things into your interiors. You love electric blue? Great, a pop of electric blue in the form of a chair or sofa like this chesterfield design from is the ideal statement piece. Adding gallery walls, bright, patterned wallpaper, textures and souvenirs of life are fantastic ways to brighten up your space and to ensure that you are filled with joy and positivity.  

50 Shades of Green

In 2022, we are bringing the outside in, splashing our homes with shades of green. Green can seem like an intimidating colour and isn’t one that the many of us have been using with confidence in our homes in recent years but let’s remember, back in the 19th century, green walls and décor was a sign of prestige and was the most desirable interior design trend of the time albeit, the most desirable and commonly used colour, Scheele’s Green was made with arsenic and resulted in the poisoning of thousands of unsuspecting people and even (rumour has it) the death of Napoleon. Thankfully, we no longer need to worry about that and can enjoy painting our walls in a shade of green that suits us, dramatic, vibrant, calming, whatever our individual style may be.


Whilst the uniformed lines of Scandi* furniture will never go out of style, curves are making their way in to our homes. Curved furniture is soft and relaxing allowing you to feel comforted whilst in its presence. You can implement the curves by adding a curved edge coffee table or a softly shaped lounge chair. Adding curved furniture can change the appearance of a room entirely without the need to start digging your wallpaper paste and paint brushes out.